Federal Vape Tax Info


In the near future, the cost of vaping is going to change in a way that impacts all of us.

In the 2022 Federal Tax Budget the government of Canada proposed a new vape tax. This is to be applied to the purchase of some vaping products. In the following summer, this proposals passed. These new regulations result in a Federal Excise Tax. Excise taxes are commonly charged on things like fuel, airline tickets, and tobacco products and can be included in the product cost prior to purchase by a customer.

For vaping, the Excise tax will be built into the price of the goods, affecting all products containing e-liquid (Closed Pods, Disposables, and e-juice bottles). The price of this tax will be dependent on how much volume of e-liquid you are buying. You will also notice a "stamp" applied to every product containing ejuice which is the same "stamp" as what you would find on cigarettes or cannabis products.

What does this mean for your wallet?

Simply put the way the tax is calculated will work out to approximately $1.00 for every 2ml of e-liquid up to 10ml. At 10ml it's $5.00 and then each additional 10ml of e-juice is another $1.00.

Some examples of products:

  •  (2ml) - $1.00
  •  Pods (3 x 2ml) - $3.00
  • 30ml E-juice Bottle - $7.00
  • 60ml E-juice Bottle - $10.00

Because the price is built into the cost of the goods, you as the consumer will not see this tax reflected on your invoice like you are used to with GST/PST.

When will the new prices take effect?

Manufactures/Wholesalers/E juice manufactures cannot manufacture or receive products which are "unstamped" after October 1st but can continue selling unstamped products until December 31, 2022. On January 1st 2023 all products sold must be stamped and charged with this excise tax.

This tax will start affecting consumers at different levels depending on the supply chain of the retail or online store you purchase from. Between now and December 31, 2022 you will still be able to purchase the “unstamped” products at the current price, however as that product is sold out, it will be replaced with the new “stamped” packages. Regardless of the date, the excise tax will be applied to any product with a stamp.